Testing & Balancing

A diversified building services consulting firm
A diversified building services consulting firm

Testing and Balancing

We are dedicated in providing the highest quality of workmanship possible, and concise reports for the building owners, architects, mechanical engineers and contractors.

Our team consists of professional engineers and LEED certified professionals.

What is HVAC Testing and Balancing?

HVAC Testing and Balancing is the process of ensuring that your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is operating as per design intent. This involves cycling the equipment on to verify functionality, measuring air and fluid flow, checking fan rotation, adjusting fan and pump speeds, adjusting valves and dampers and measuring final flow rates to ensure conformance to design.

Why is HVAC Testing and Balancing necessary?

HVAC Testing and Balancing ensures that your HVAC system is performing correctly and that you have a comfortable and energy-efficient building. It means the difference between comfortable and uncomfortable customers and employees, and also between wasting and saving money.

What makes ENERGI-WISE Testing and Balancing unique?

The organization is run by professional engineers with a combined experience of over 50 years. We take a holistic approach toward HVAC problem solving and do not limit our scope of work to simply measuring and adjusting air and fluid flows. You are assured of professionalism, integrity and service excellence in an industry filled with fly by night operators.