Commissioning Agent
A diversified building services consulting firm
A diversified building services consulting firm
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ENERGI-WISE will make your mission as our mission, putting your interests first and routinely going the extra mile to meet your needs. Our specialized and experienced teams take ownership of a project and will proactively manage and complete the tasks on schedule and within budget. We don’t just talk the consultant talk, we roll up our sleeves and deliver real results.

ENERGI-WISE deploys a team of driven professional engineers who can help in delivering your project, commission facilities, or improve existing operations. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Our team consisting of Professional Engineers can provide you the following services:
  • Developing requirements and concept designs

  • Working through the construction and commissioning process to ensure a smooth handover and operations as per design intent

  • Commissioning to meet LEED requirements

  • Developing your maintenance program for operational reliability and minimal life cycle cost

  • Helping integrate your facility staff and your building services by ensuring proper documentation of all installed systems are made and required training is completed

  • Helping manage your project and operational information

What is a Commissioning Agent or Commissioning Authority ?
The Commissioning Agent or Commissioning Authority is a person identified by the owner who leads, plans, schedules, and coordinates the commissioning team to implement the commissioning process.
Is Commissioning worth the Cost?
Numerous studies indicate that commissioning pays for more than it’s cost over the life of a building by savings in utility costs and extended life of equipment.
Why commission a building?
Commissioning helps reduce the construction and operating costs of a building by:

Reducing design errors and redesign costs
Reducing construction rework
Improving the efficiency of systems, such as HVAC
Extending equipment life by verifying proper installation and operation
Improving efficiency of building occupants by improving indoor environmental quality, like air quality, lighting, noise, etc

What is Building Commissioning?

Commissioning is a “quality oriented process” designed to ensure that a building or facility is designed, constructed and operated to meet the Owner’s requirements and design intent.

Key components of an effective commissioning process include:

  • Identifying and documenting the owner’s requirements¬†

  • Verifying the design meets the¬†owner’s requirements

  • Implementing a quality process during construction that verifies equipment installation and operation

  • Training operators, maintenance staff, and building occupants to ensure proper operation of equipment and facility

  • Periodic review of equipment and building operations throughout the lifecycle to verify proper and efficient operation

What is the involved in the Commissioning Process?

The following are the major steps in the Commissioning Process:

  • Develop the Owners Project Requirements

  • Develop the Commissioning Plan

  • Compare the basis of design to the Owners Project Requirements

  • Conduct a design review

  • Include commissioning requirements in project specifications

  • Develop construction checklists and functional test documents

  • Verify submittals

  • Conduct commissioning team meetings

  • Conduct periodic site visits to meet with team members, review construction status, and verify/spot check the completion of construction checklists by the trades

  • Witness startup and execution of functional testing

  • Coordinate and verify training for operations, maintenance and building occupants

  • Assemble manuals – systems / operation and maintenance

  • Conduct seasonal testing

  • Issue commissioning report

  • Establish a continuous commissioning program